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A & D Tree Services is well known throughout the Shoalhaven and South Coast as an exceptional company with a solid reputation. When you use A & D for your professional tree felling, stump grinding, tree removal, or additional landscaping services, you will discover we are a company dedicated to exceeding customer expectations. With a commitment to outstanding quality, reliable work, and friendly service, A & D Tree Service aims to be the trusted arborist you turn to for all of your tree needs.

Tree Felling & Removals

Utilising top rated equipment and expert techniques, our team will take down your dead or unsafe trees securely and efficiently.

Tree Trimming

If tree growth on your property has gotten out of hand, we can competently prune those unsightly branches and limbs. Such a service is always undertaken with the utmost care and attentiveness.

Stump Grinding

Our A & D team uses the finest tools and methods to enact comprehensive, safe grinding of stumps and tree roots on your residential or commercial property.

Firewood for Sale

We believe in recycling resources, and as tree surgeons, we’re ideally positioned to sell firewood to our customers. Quality wood is available for purchase at competitive prices.

Crown Thinning & Shaping

Your trees can benefit from precise crown thinning and shaping services. This not only enhances tree health and appearance, but enables for gentler (and safer) air movement through its branches.

Mulch for Sale

Mulch has a variety of uses around the home. If you’re looking for premium mulch for your garden or landscaping, we offer this in bulk at affordable prices.

Land Clearing

Need vegetation removed from a plot of land? Preparing a parcel for construction? A & D can complete rigorous land clearing to eradicate growth, clear away debris, and ready your land for future use.

Hire - Cherrypickers & Chippers

A & D works with superlative equipment for all our tree services. If you have a project requiring the use of cherrypickers or chippers, these are available for hire. Let us help you get the job done.

Root Barriers

Large tree roots can cause frustrating issues for hardscapes and other structures. To avoid this, let us install effective root barriers to prevent expensive and unnecessary damage.

Machine Plant Hire

For projects of all scopes and sizes, we can hire out our specialised machinery and equipment. We use leading brands and ensure full and frequent maintenance of all equipment. With the expertise and experience to advise you, our team at A & D Tree Services is able to provide guidance on plant hire. With our emphasis on safety and environmentally friendly approaches, you can also feel good about your decision to partner with an ethical company.


Mulch created from shredded wood chips and green waste is a popular organic material that has a range of uses. Most commonly, mulch is found in gardens and incorporated into landscaping. As a natural product, it helps to retain moisture within the soil, slows soil erosion, protects the roots of plant life, and prevents the growth and proliferation of weeds. If you have wood waste from fallen trees, a land clearing project, or even debris from a storm, our pros at A & D Tree Services Pty Limited can turn that waste into an incredibly beneficial product for your yard, garden, or other outdoor space.

Disaster Response

Severe weather events such as storms, and floods are commonplace in the Shoalhaven area. A & D Tree Services has proven experience in mobilising resources and staff to clean up and conduct repairs and unplanned maintenance work after these events.

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We provide everything from basic tree removal to disaster responses. Talk to our team to find out how we can help you.

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