Residential Tree Services

Tree Felling

Our team will take down your dead or unsafe trees securely and efficiently using top-rated equipment and expert techniques.

We offer quality tree-cutting services to best suit your needs. Our Arborists can perform tree cutting while elevated and are qualified to work on platforms ranging from five to twenty-five metres in height.

Tree Trimming

If tree growth on your property has gotten out of hand, we can competently prune those unsightly branches and limbs. Such a service is always undertaken with the utmost care and attentiveness.

Tree Trimming has many positive outcomes. Is your tree making shade on your lawn and causing it to die? Large overgrown trees can block sunlight and lead to dead plants and brown lawn. Tree Trimming and Tree Thinning is your best option. Doing this, it will allow more sunlight to shine upon your garden and allow it to grow more sufficiently.

Stormy weather. No stress! Trimmed trees move less and receive less damage in storms. We will help you prevent damage to your trees by assessing the vegetation for storm prevention.

We are experienced in tree trimming and removing problematic, awkward or tall creepers such as bougainvillea or ivy. We have many hours of experience in shaping hedges (topiary).

Stump Grinding

Our A & D team uses the finest tools and methods to enact comprehensive, safe grinding of stumps and tree roots on your residential or commercial property.
We do any type of tight and narrow access stump grinding and excavation of roots from previous work.

Crown Thinning

Your trees can benefit from precise crown thinning and shaping services. This enhances tree health and appearance and enables gentler (and safer) air movement through its branches.

Crown Lifting

Crown lifting is the removal of a tree’s lower branches. We offer this service to increase the space between the ground and the lowest branches, improving safety and aesthetics. Crown Lifting is carried out to provide clearance from buildings or obstacles or to improve a view. It also reduces leaf litter and removes potentially hazardous heavy lower limbs. Crown lifting is also used to reduce weight from a tree and allow more light to pass through or under the tree.

In certain areas, you may be required by your local authority to provide an adequate level of clearance under trees designated by a specific height.

Mulch For Sale

Mulch has a variety of uses around the home. We offer this in bulk at affordable prices if you’re looking for premium mulch for your garden or landscaping.


We believe in recycling resources, and as tree surgeons, we’re ideally positioned to sell firewood to our customers. Quality wood is available for purchase at competitive prices.