Land Clearing and Tree Removal Services for Commercial Clients

A&D Tree Services focuses on tree services to residential, commercial and government departments in NSW. We have over 40 years of experience.

A&D Trees is committed to providing the best services and the best prices.

We are a full-service tree company operating in NSW’s metropolitan and regional areas. This means we complete all tasks from arbour advice and tree surgery to tree removal and stump removal.

Most of our work, and speciality, tends to be in large land clearing, tree lopping and pruning as we work with our customers to maintain a safe home environment. We have a holistic philosophy to our work and want to support our customers every step of the way.

  • Roads and Maritime Services 
  • Transport for NSW
  • Water NSW
  • Civil and Construction Groups 
  • Telecommunications Companies (Telstra & Optus)
  • Insurance Groups 
  • Landscape development groups 
  • Royal Australian Navy
  • Shoalhaven City Council 
  • SES

Commercial Clients

Local Councils

We work with a variety of local councils across Australia. We assist them in all residential, commercial and rural land development and in emergency situations. When it comes to tree removal in local government areas, there are many different rules and regulations. Our team consistently learns and maintains records on all tree removal and protection codes.

Power Companies

This is a key component of our business. Our teams are accredited and licenced with NSW and ACT power clearing authorities.


We can help with small to large-scale land clearing if you have development. Our team are compliant with all accreditations. We keenly understand the impact trees can have on your project and where you need someone with the skill and due diligence.

Emergency services

We work with local SES and other local and state emergency agencies in natural disasters. Having someone who is not only accredited and experienced but understands the safety concerns for you and your property can make all the difference from a good to a tragic outcome.